New style tab_modal alert dialog doesn't display multi-line mixed content correctly




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Steps to reproduce:

I have javascript code running in an SVG diagram that displays a basic alert(<string>).
The <string> is composed of multiple lines (embedded \n characters) and also the stringified contents of an object created in the javascript code.  

Actual results:

Old style (and with prompts.tab_modal.enabled;false) works just fine.  Everything is seen.

New style (prompts.tab_modal.enabled;true), the default, doesn't display all of the string content.  I only see the first line of the string (up to the first \n).  There is a horizontal scroll bar in the dialog below the message and above the [OK] button.  There is no vertical scroll bar that might let me see more of the message, nor is there any way to see the rest (other lines) of that alert message via expanding the modal box via handles or otherwise.

Expected results:

Which-ever style of display, the expected behavior is that ALL of the lines of the string content and the stringified object should be displayed by default, not just the first line.  Horizontal scroll bars or vertical should not be the default either but should only come up if optional parameters (don't know if they exist for Alert() ) indicate a limit on the # of characters or rows to expand the alert to.

Comment 1

6 years ago
The code that created this alert is:

function apiBIG_defaultHander_EventClicked( elementClicked, context ) {
contextString = JSON.stringify(context);
alert("IGViewSVG Default Handler\n\nClicked: " + elementClicked + "\ncontext: " + contextString + "\n\nSet handler by calling apiBIG_setHandlerClicked( myhandler )." );
Hi thomas.smailus, It looks like it's been over a year since anyone's responded to your bug report. Sorry about that!  Are you still seeing this behavior? Thanks!
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Comment 3

5 years ago
Yes, I still need a fix to this.  I just verified the issue still exists when running my code on Firefox ESR 17.0.9.

I can likely set up a virtual machine to test against the latest builds if you need me to verify fixes.  Its certainly something that should get resolved.
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This is not SVG it's a UI issue of some kind.
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Comment 7

5 years ago
(In reply to Robert Longson from comment #4)
> This is not SVG it's a UI issue of some kind.

I agree that is the likely true.  Whatever is acting on "prompts.tab_modal.enabled;true" in the firefox browser to present the modal dialog box isn't presenting the information correctly.
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