When restarting for add-on install/uninstall, Firefox should show same warning as regular restart if file download will be cancelled




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6 years ago
Currently in Firefox, if the user restarts or quits via a key command or menu but has at least one download active, they are warned that restarting will cancel their download(s).

This warning does not appear if the user restarts based on a Firefox prompt.  For instance, it doesn't happen if an add-on install or uninstall requires the restart.

eelis (CC'd, running Linux) lost 5 GB worth of downloads because he pressed "restart" in the add-ons manager after disabling an add-on.

Assigning Unfocused as default since he's module owner of add-ons manager and this may be add-ons specific

Comment 1

6 years ago
More specifically, it's not so much that Firefox /cancels/ the downloads, but rather that some downloads cannot be resumed.

The non-resumable downloads that I was running were downloads from uploaded.to, one of many popular file hosts. Download links for these file hosts typically require one to either log in or solve a captcha first. So one theory is that the download resumption fails because by the time Firefox has restarted (which can be an hour later than the download was started), the user is no longer logged in and/or the file host thinks it's time for another captcha.

Comment 2

6 years ago
(In reply to Eelis from comment #1)
> More specifically, it's not so much that Firefox /cancels/ the downloads,
> but rather that some downloads cannot be resumed.

I realize this is still ambiguous. What I mean is that Firefox tries to pause the download before the restart, to then unpause it afterwards, but the unpausing fails because the link doesn't lead directly to the download but rather to some login/captcha page.
Don't think we can do anything about the download resume (by the sounds of it, the server just doesn't support it). But it should be prompting. AFAICT, this is a bug in the Downloads Manager, not the Add-ons Manager.
Assignee: bmcbride → nobody
Component: File Handling → Download Manager
Product: Firefox → Toolkit
QA Contact: file.handling → download.manager
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