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Fennec debug intent is broken


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This is caused by the patches in bug 727960, unapplying them fixes the problem.
Summary: Fennec build intent is broken → Fennec debug intent is broken
I should be more specific:

The native front end starts up but Gecko does not.
(In reply to Benoit Girard (:BenWa) from comment #0)
> This is caused by the patches in bug 727960, unapplying them fixes the
> problem.

Did you try unapplying them one by one?
No, both together, do you have a guess and I'll try it?
1419f0146049 is a likely suspect
Is this actually maple-specific? Presuming not, I'll remove the whiteboard tag.
Whiteboard: maple
With 1419f0146049 unapplied I receive a corrupted stack crash. I do receive some log from Gecko so it is starting up:
E/Gecko   (26551): ### Acquire()
E/Gecko   (26551): Registered Compositor
I/Gecko   (26551): ... requesting window surface from bridge
I/Gecko   (26551): got surface 0x3c6e70
I/Gecko   (26551):  -- creating basic, not accelerated
E/Gecko   (26551): ### Basic layers drawing
E/Gecko   (26551): ### Calling EndDrawing()!
From a quick test, it looks like is not even called.
This is actually a regression from bug 728240. Reverting it fixes debug intent for me.
Depends on: 728240
No longer depends on: 727960
I wouldnt recommend reverting the patch. Instead, could you please add a condition there to do debug intent?
Also, onResume() is called whenever Fennec comes to foreground. So, this intent should be processed only once in initialize()
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This patch adds the debug intent processing to the startup path.
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It looks good to me (and, more importantly, works), but I won't pretend I know this code to review it.
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