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Stretching braces with MathJax fonts


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Follow-up of bug 701758.

The MathJax fonts use "composite char" to draw the braces. Hence to fix this bug, we should restore the support for composite chars first.
Depends on: 781494

I think that would be best to clean up the code a bit more and remove the composite char support.

We could still add a fallback mathfont*.properties file to stretch horizontal braces in MathJax without the middle char or say that the "scale" fallback is enough.
No longer depends on: 781494
From Davide's response on mathjax-dev, the best seems to wait for the next release of MathJax fonts to support horizontal braces, as well as other constructs that require to scale some glyphs.
Mass change: setting priority to 3 for bugs preventing Gecko's Native MathML to be enabled by default in MathJax.
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Priority: -- → P3
Here is the issue from MathJax:

When the middle part of the horizontal braces is updated, we'll just have to use 


to update our font table. I think we will also be able to support the glyphs that are currently "scaled" in MathJax.
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Just a small patch that will work with the next version of MathJax fonts. One issue is that if the user has the old local fonts installed, the middle glyph will be drawn with a white rectangle ("undefined" glyph), even if STIX fonts are installed (as MathJax fonts are tested first). On the other hand, this patch will be important for the next MathJax release when the Native MathML will use the fonts from the CDN...
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I would like to work on the bug.
Hi rushikesh. Thanks for your help, I think the patch I just attached will essentially fix the bug when the new MathJax versions are released. There will be other glyphs to update when the bug I mention in comment 5 is fixed. I guess that will be easy to fix too: that will just be copying the output of layout/mathml/MathJaxFonts.html into the layout/mathml/ You can do that if you want, but this depends on the MathJax bug.
rushikesh: for a similar bug that you can try to fix now, see bug 854339.
Thanks.. I will look in that bug ..
MathJax fonts will be deprecated in favor of Latin Modern fonts (947654).
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