Firefox freezes for about 1 min 41 sec when switching to the Korean (ISO-2022-KR) encoding on




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Steps to reproduce:

I clicked on a link which brought me to , scrolled down to the part titled "Working routines", and noticed that the apostrophe in "China's" was a box character in the "UTF-8" encoding, so I clicked sequentially on each encoding in the first 3 menus under View->Character Encoding->More Encodings. When I clicked on Korean (ISO-2022-KR), which is the last one in the East Asian menu, Firefox stopped redrawing its window and didn't respond to keyboard or mouse input for about 1 minute and 41 seconds. While it was unresponsive, I clicked the "Close" button on the window. When Firefox started redrawing the window again, it asked me if I wanted to close all tabs. I clicked "Cancel" and then it froze again for approximately 35 seconds. After that, it was usable again. I restarted the browser and tried the same steps, and it froze the same way. I can reproduce this bug every time. This bug happens on Firefox 11.0 Beta 5 with a dual-core, 64-bit openSUSE Linux computer.

Actual results:

Firefox froze, gave me a dialog about whether I wanted to close all tabs, then froze again after I clicked "Cancel." Then Firefox thawed completely.

Expected results:

Firefox should have remained usable instead of freezing.

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7 years ago
I just tried the latest nightly and Firefox doesn't freeze anymore with these steps, so I'm closing this bug since it has already been fixed between the version I was using and the nightly version.
Last Resolved: 7 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
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