buildnotes template should make it clear which sections are relevant for different build types.



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(Reporter: jhford, Assigned: bhearsum)


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Our template for build notes is great, it makes sure we don't forget whole sections.  What's still complicated is knowing which sections need to be run for each different type of build.

We have 3.6 builds, esr builds, train-release builds and train-beta builds which usually have similar steps.  I think we should add a comment to each section in the template clarifying which releases need each step.
Component: Release Engineering: Automation → Release Engineering: Releases
QA Contact: catlee → bhearsum
Lukas and I are hoping to do a ton of work on the template/docs/primer next week.
Assignee: nobody → bhearsum
I've been looking into using a checklist along with a new philosophy ("assume success") which would address this well, I think. The checklist is here:

Dunno yet if we'll end up using it, so leaving this open for now.
We're using the new checklist system for Betas now (, which solves this problem in its own way. It also means I removed all of the Beta specific items from the template. Additionally, it's possible we're going to move away completely from the template in the future, so I'm calling this WONTFIX and we can re-open if needed.
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