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Download Firefox buttons for FR, DE, PT-BR, RU, and HU


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(Reporter: jdavis, Assigned: rhonda)


(Whiteboard: Due: 3/26)


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I'm looking for the "Firefox - Free Download" buttons like the attached ones for EN and ES for these languages:

FR - French
DE - German
PT-BR - Portuguese-Brazil
RU - Russian
HU - Hungarian

Size: 279x100

Need by: 3/16


Hi there

Do you have the PSD for these by any chance? 

Terribly sorry, I'm not sure how this slipped my radar, but I didn't have anyone assigned to this and won't be able to deliver these today.  Any chance we can have these for you early next week?

I do not have the PSD for these - I'm not sure who put them together originally.

No worries - early next week is fantastic.

Hey Tara--
I can do these for you but I dont have the PSD either.
Assignee: tshahian → rspencer
There still seems to be several slight variations of this button out there, but here's a PSD of a current one I'm working with. Hope this helps!
Thanks Lee.  Rhonda please let us know if you need anything else. 

Jess, can you please provide a new deadline and also the translated strings?
Below are the strings as found on the download buttons on the various pages.  Most were easy to type - RU was not. Tara, do you know if/where this button file exists on this page? ( That would be the easiest way to get the right characters.

Téléchargement gratuit

Kostenloser Download

Download gratuito

*working on finding this* 

Ingyenes letöltés

Unduh Gratis


PT-BR, FR, and DE by 3/26
RU, HU, and ID by 4/16
Загрузить бесплатно

Hey Jess

Re: RU translation string/characters, unfortunately I don't know have the answer to that.  perhaps Chelsea can help (since she's done a lot of affiliate button l10n) and if not, we'll have to just ask around.
Whiteboard: Due: 3/26
I found Pascal and got the string - it's in the comment 8 above :)  Thanks!
oo, thanks :)
hey guys--
So, the current graphic Lee is working with for the EN Download button, which is attached to this comment, has extra text and an indication of what language the download instructions will be (Im assuming). Since this is being localized, do we want to keep the extra verbage on this graphic, or do we want to delete everything except the logo, and the words "Firefox. Free Download!"
Jess, wdyt?
Hey guys--
this is due today--so I'll just shorten the bottom of the banner and delete the language reference at the bottom so that it just reads: logo -"Firefox. Free Download" and leave it at that. OK?
Hey! sorry just got back in from PTO.

Rhonda - that sounds great! I believe that way it will look just like the EN ( and ES newsletter buttons (

Hey Jessilyn--
The PNG for the locales are here:

Let me know if we need to change any of these.
Hey Rhonda,


I just took a look and just have a few minor tweak requests:

1) Can we get the words "Free download" in the various languages to have the same white, cursive fonts like the EN and ES download buttons that are attached?

2) In the original EN and ES images the download button itself is smaller and there's more white space around it. Can you make the actual size of the download button the same as the EN and ES images that are attached in the bug?

Summary: I like the EN and ES buttons that are attached in this bug. I'd like buttons in the other languages that match the size and style of these 2 original buttons.

Is this doable by Wednesday, 3/28?


Hey Jessilyn--
No problem, I can do that--however, the reason I designed them the way I did (with Open Sans as the font for "Free Download" instead of the Georgia italic on the older version) is because the PSD for the most recent Download button that Lee Tom sent me used OpenSans font. He said at the time that this was the most recent design that he had been using so I wanted to stick to that, since they are using Open Sans now instead of so much Georgia (which is the italic font you prefer).

Again, I can make that type Georgia Italic, but I would bring up the question about using it, since the sites are being redesigned with OpenSans.

And yes, no problem getting it done--it can be ready tomorrow--just confirm with me that it is indeed what you want to do with these buttons.
Hey Rhonda -  Ah! Thanks for the heads up.  I wasn't aware.

Tara, can you confirm the switch from using the old Georgia Italic to the new OpenSans?  We can use either in the newsletter. I just want to be sure the buttons are consistent with the plans for the website.  Which should we use?


Open Sans please!

Then all that's left is just resizing these OpenSans buttons so that the button itself is the same dimensions as the button in the current EN and ES versions (with white space the image is 279x100; it looks like the button itself is 240x78 with the rest of it)


Hey Jess--
I revised the banner layout. The new link to the files is here:

Let me know if we need anything else for these.
Beautiful!  You are the best, Rhonda.

Thank you!

Happy Monday :)
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Yay! No problem. :)
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