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Can't Renew DMV Registration with 12.0a2 (2012-03-08)




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Screen shot of error message.

Attempted to renew a California vehicle registration on-line using Aurora 12.0a2 (2012-03-08).

The site appeared extraordinarily slow, taking 30 to 60 seconds to respond to each page request.

It finally failed in the "add to cart" step with the message "Access Manager WebSEAL could not complete your request due to an unexpected error."

Diagnostic Information

Method: POST

URL: /wasapp/vrir/addToCartButton.do

Error Code: 0x38cf04d3

Error Text: DPWWA1235E Could not read the response status line sent by a third-party server. Possible causes: non-spec HTTP headers, connection timeout, no data returned. This is not a problem with the WebSEAL server. 


I completed the operation successfully using production Firefox 10.0.2.  With Firefox the site was reasonably quick (0.5 to 3 second response time).

Both attempts were made on the same machine within 5 minutes of each other.


6 years ago
Summary: Can Renew DMV Registration with 12.0a2 (2012-03-08) → Can't Renew DMV Registration with 12.0a2 (2012-03-08)
I don't see any performance issues while browsing around this site for a while,
using Aurora (Fx12) on Linux64 and OSX.  I wasn't signed in though, is that
required to reproduce the problem?  Can you provide the URL to a specific page
that is slow for you?

Comment 2

6 years ago
I went back to the site today and it seems responsive.  Since I have already processed the renewal (In Firefox 10.0.2), I can't actually get to the same page that threw the error last time.   My Aurora updated to 12.0a2 (2012-03-10) so I can't tell if the DMV fixed the problem or if the change to Aurora did it.

I was NOT logged in when the error occurred. (I don't quite know what log-in are for...driver's license renewal maybe).

Don't know what to do other than close this as WFM.
Last Resolved: 6 years ago
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