relabs08 in an infinite reboot loop



7 years ago
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(Reporter: arich, Assigned: dustin)





7 years ago
relabs08 is in an infinite reboot loop.  When starting to boot centos, it prints this error:

Which is supposedly harmless... and then claims it's restarting the system.  Please take a look at it.  I have left the machine powered off for now.
This is due to puppet stating that it is already running and then failing to start. Machine starts up fine in single user mode also.
i wonder if this is a stale lock file from puppet?  It might be a good idea to remove the puppet lock file very early on in the system startup, way before puppet would be invoked.
Assignee: mlarrain → dustin
Blocks: 708021
Should be fixed in

changeset:   124:ebb3fb861486
tag:         tip
user:        Dustin J. Mitchell <>
date:        Thu Mar 15 23:22:46 2012 -0500
summary:     Bug 735512: wait 10 minutes between puppet-failure reboots

From later discussions it doesn't sound like this actually was a stale lockfile.  Newer versions of puppet are supposed to be better about that, so I don't want to hack around such a bug until I've seen it.

I've stood relabs08 back on its feet (fixing the corrupt repo in the process)
Last Resolved: 7 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Component: Server Operations: RelEng → RelOps
Product: → Infrastructure & Operations
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