Firefox completely closing without warning if one of it's windows closed during long cycle collection




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Build Identifier: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:14.0) Gecko/20120314 Firefox/14.0a1

During experiments with couple of other bugs, I've managed to get this behavior also in Firefox. Not sure, if this category is best, but anyway.
Prerequisite: browser should experience freezes because of cc, for test I take Firebug and steps from Bug 713216, times was
CC(T+2981.4) duration: 4594ms, suspected: 167, visited: 259113 RCed and 1790531 GCed, collected: 123 RCed and 39 GCed (162 waiting for GC)
ForgetSkippable 0 times before CC, min: 0 ms, max: 0 ms, avg: 0 ms, total: 0 ms, removed: 0
CC(T+2993.2) duration: 4266ms, suspected: 298, visited: 259134 RCed and 1790473 GCed, collected: 0 RCed and 0 GCed (162 waiting for GC)
ForgetSkippable 4 times before CC, min: 0 ms, max: 0 ms, avg: 0 ms, total: 0 ms, removed: 11141

Steps to reproduce:
1) Visit many pages with Firebug installed to get high cc times
2) When browser starts to freeze, use right click on Firefox window, the sign of needed situation is that context menu differs from normal (see attached screenshot, upper is normal menu, lower is during hang), and select Close
Actual results:
When browser unfreezes, selected window is closed, and then, after a couple of seconds, all Firefox windows are closes without any warning.
Expected results:
Only selected window is closed
Additional information:
Same situation observed if window is closed with X in moment of hang, closing window with Ctrl+W doesn't produce such problems.
Do you know if it was a crash, or just a clean exit?

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6 years ago
No crash or breakpad windows, no records in about:crashes, no Windows Error Reporting Service or Dr.Watson error or record, when I reproducing this under windbg, after browser closes I get only
ERROR: ContinueEvent failed, NTSTATUS 0xC000000D
This usually indicates that the debuggee has been
killed out from underneath the debugger.
When I start browser again, session resumes from the point where it was before I try to close window during freeze

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4 years ago
Severity: normal → critical
Flags: needinfo?(pppx)
Keywords: crash

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4 years ago
May try to capture with Windows Performance Toolkit, but not earlier than two weeks from now. On other hand, looking on attitude to reported by me problems in this/gc-cc sections it may be not even worth to spend time on it


4 years ago
Flags: needinfo?(pppx)

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8 months ago
Don't have time/will to investigate this further
Last Resolved: 8 months ago
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