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Automatically upgrade timezones


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Upgrading timezones is a pain. It would be nice if we could automate this.

We would have a builder that checks for new timezone data automatically, does the required changes, pushes changes and maybe even produce a new timezones extension to be uploaded to This requires taking care of the following steps:

* Write python buildbot code to:
  - Poll for new timezone versions
  - Set up a build environment that can do the upgrade
  - Go through the upgrade process
  - Push the changes to some (all?) of the trees
* Talk to the if its ok to poll their site for updates and at
  what interval
* Write JS (?) code to figure out which timezones were merely renamed and 
  which are new
* Either manually upload the timezones extension once in a while, or automate 
  uploading new extension versions to

The renaming is what you currently see in the timezone updates process as "take over" vs. "create alias". It seems that sometimes timezones are merely renamed which means the older timezone should resolve to the newer timezone. In other cases, new timezones are being created.

If someone wants to tackle this problem, I'd suggest filing dependent bugs to take care of the above issues.
Whiteboard: [timezone]
Priority: -- → P3
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