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Re-enable pedantic builds on Linux 32 bit mozconfigs


(Thunderbird :: Build Config, defect)

Not set


(thunderbird12+ fixed, thunderbird13 fixed, thunderbird-esr1012+ fixed)

Thunderbird 14.0
Tracking Status
thunderbird12 + fixed
thunderbird13 --- fixed
thunderbird-esr10 12+ fixed


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Way back just before we moved to libxul/ipc based builds, we had some hacks in our makefiles to get away with keep on being broken by pedantic compiler raised issues, when Firefox were disabling it for parts of libxul based builds.

The hack was to add -disable-pedantic.

We long since switched to libxul and IPC enabled builds, so we should just remove those hacks. Try server has been this way forever, if not a long time ;-)
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Per IRC, we'll also want to change the Linux 'release' mozconfigs at the end of the cycle when we release Thunderbird 12.
Could change esr10 mozconfigs at the same time?
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comm-central patch

Checked in the comm-central patch:
Closed: 11 years ago
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comm-central patch

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We landed the configs on aurora as well, so we should take this there to be consistent.
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(or rather, they landed before the merge)
Checked into aurora:

Also setting flags so we track this for the 12 final release and the 12 ESR equivalent.
Whiteboard: [need final changes for 12 release & ESR 12 equivalent]
This is the patch that's ready to land for release of 12/esr10.
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Due to the releases, I've landed the last patch pending review:
Whiteboard: [need final changes for 12 release & ESR 12 equivalent]
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comm-central patch

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Taking this onto esr as well, as we'll need it there, and currently its NPOTB.
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