Identify device-specific history and tune awesomebar results to it




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6 years ago
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6 years ago
Different devices are used in different circumstances and in result usually lead into different browsing patterns.

In particular, I believe that in most cases the topmost results for mobile vs. desktop will be different, but even work machine and personal laptop will drive different browsing patterns.

It should be fairly easy to recognize that on an account shared between multiple devices via Fx Sync, a given url is exclusively connected with one device while not with the other and adjust awesomebar results to this.

I expect that with such a feature, my mobile awesomebar results would skip urls that I visit exclusively on my Linux desktop for example.

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6 years ago
Kinda duplicate of bug 734932.
Severity: normal → enhancement
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We need a project to be setup and specifications to be able to proceed here, the idea is sound but it's incomplete and we're unlikely to have resources to investigate it unless the project is handled by a product manager. Speak to a product manager if you think this may largely benefit us.
Last Resolved: 14 days ago
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We're planning to address this use case in a future version of Sync, but Sync today doesn't tag records with their originating device, and merges everything into one bucket. Unfortunately, it's not easy to add this to existing Sync. :-(
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