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closing a tab should leave the position of the newly selected tab in the location of the old tab, when the two tabs are adjacent


(Firefox :: Tabbed Browser, enhancement)

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Build ID: 20120312181643

Steps to reproduce:

Open enough tabs that the tab width reaches the minimum width, and tabs fill the tab bar completely.
Open five more tabs. Click on the first of these five tabs to display it in the main window.
Scroll to the rightmost end of the tabs, and then scroll back twice using the mouse wheel.
Close the displayed tab using the X in the tab bar.

Actual results:

The mouse will not be hovering over the X of the next tab. Instead, the tabs will be aligned so that the third-to-last tab is flush with the right side of the tab bar, and the mouse will be hovering over the middle of the third-to-last tab.

Expected results:

The mouse should be hovering over the same position in the next tab as it was in the old one (that is, the X of the fourth-to-last tab), which would make closing tabs easy. This behavior is the case in most situations, but not in this one.

The behavior that is currently experienced makes it unreliable to close tabs by repeatedly clicking on a series of X's.
Severity: normal → enhancement
Component: Untriaged → Tabbed Browser
QA Contact: untriaged → tabbed.browser
Severity: normal → S3
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