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Crash Reports not appearing in Socorro



6 years ago
a year ago


(Reporter: bc, Unassigned)


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6 years ago
08:50 <        bc> hey, i've just submitted several crash reports on mac/windows with today's nightly and it appears they haven't been received. Known issue?
08:51 <@     laura> bc: how do you know they haven't been received?
08:51 <@     laura> (no, it's not a known issue)
08:51 <        bc> ok. i'll file a bug.
08:52 <        bc> anyway for me to tell if this is in the client or in the receiver?
08:52 <@     laura> yes
08:52 <@     laura> so what behavior do you see?
08:52 <@     laura> bc: ?
08:53 <        bc> i crash then submit the crash report. but when i go to about:crashes and try to load the crash report i see crash not found
08:53 <        bc> url to reproduce with today's nightly is http://www.dhl.com/en/express/shipping/get_rate_and_time_quote.html
08:53 <        bc> sample bp ids in https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=737447
08:53 <   firebot> Bug 737447 cri, --, ---, general, NEW, Assertion failure: v.isBoolean(),
08:54 <@     laura> looking
08:55 <        bc> fwiw, i kept reloading the page which normally fixes any not found issues for me but it didn't work for me this time.
08:55 <@     laura> yeah, I don't think we're backlogged but I'll check
08:56 <@     laura> nope https://crash-stats.mozilla.com/status
08:56 <    lonnen> oldest in the queue is about a minute
08:56 <        bc> yeah. i checked that. all green.
08:56 <@     laura> you could see if the crashes are still on your disk
08:57 <        bc> well, apart from ns being a little orange
08:57 <        bc> ok.
08:58 <@     laura> bc: in about crashes, are they showing up with a bp- in front of them?
08:58 <        bc> yes
08:59 <@     laura> ok, so that should mean they have been submitted
08:59 <@     laura> that's really odd
08:59 <        bc> they show up in submitted
08:59 <@     laura> where?
08:59 <        bc> ~/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Crash Reports/submitted 
08:59 <        bc> on my mac.
08:59 <@     laura> ok
08:59 <@     laura> huh
08:59 <        bc> but i see the same behavior on windows
08:59 <        bc> can you reproduce the crash and try to submit?
09:00 <@     laura> good idea, will do
09:00 <@     laura> (have to download nightly first, I run aurora)
09:00 <        bc> heh
09:00 <@     laura> lonnen: do you have nightly handy?
09:00 <   peterbe> rhelmer: do you prefer Skype or an extension number?
09:00 <    lonnen> I'm running it all the time
09:00 <@     laura> lonnen: try that url then?
09:00 <        bc> lonnen rocks
09:00 <    lonnen> yes'm
09:00 <@     laura> lonnen:  http://www.dhl.com/en/express/shipping/get_rate_and_time_quote.html
09:00 <@     laura> bc: sorry :)
09:00 <        bc> np.
09:02 <        bc> ah. i was thinking you meant status.mozilla.org but crash-stats status is way better. :-)
09:02 <    lonnen> it takes a while but it loads
09:02 <    lonnen> well, a page loads. I get redirected.
09:02 <@     laura> bc: I'll go see if I can find it in the collector logs
09:03 <@     laura> see if it caused an error or something
09:03 <        bc> laura: is the zero crashes for today on https://crash-stats.mozilla.com/products/Firefox related?
09:03 <@     laura> bc: double check for me that the crash files are not zero length
09:03 <        bc> the bp-*.txt ?
09:03 <@     laura> bc: no, that's because metrics failed to push ADUs overnight
09:03 <    lonnen> also, apparently haven't updated nightly in 6 days
09:03 <@     laura> they are working on it
09:03 <@     laura> bc: yeah
09:03 <    lonnen> lemme get this updated, try again
09:03 <        bc> it had the crash id in it 
09:03 <@     laura> oh nm
09:03 <@     laura> sorry
09:03 <        bc> lonnen: i think this was a recent regrssion.
09:03 <    lonnen> bc: yep, applying a flurry of patches
09:04 <@     laura> bc you should probably file a bug against Socorro so we can log this conversation
09:04 <        bc> ok.
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