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Sent emails containing a Filelink appear as containing a (fake) attachment


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Thunderbird 14.0
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- Create a Filelink
- Send
- Locate it in the Sent folder
- It's presented as if it contained a regular attachment (21 byte long). 

Expected behaviour:
- Do not mark it as containing an attachment.
Hardware: x86_64 → All
they do have an attachment, the html part that describes the file link.
Ok, fair enough. 

But the attachment is not interpreted as an html part, but rather as the original file type. In the attached screenshot for example, it looks like a jpg file, of 21 bytes size, and TB tries to render it... and fails. That does not seem right, does it ?
Isn't it just that it renders the html part, but the remote image isn't allowed to be shown?
(In reply to Magnus Melin from comment #3)
> Isn't it just that it renders the html part, but the remote image isn't
> allowed to be shown?

we can't render the remote image - we just have a link to a web page which has a download link somewhere on it...
If I had to guess, it's trying to render the html part as a jpg.
things are all still a bit of blur after the exciting big files landing. My intent was that the attachments have text/html content-type, but it looks like they have the attachment type of the actual attachment. They've also got Content-Disposition: attachment;
 filename="713645.txt". I think if I took out the filename part on save/send, then we wouldn't show the attachment in the attachment area, and I need to fix the content type as well. And then I have to make sure that loading a draft msg with a big file attachment gets the filename from the X-Mozilla-Cloud-Part header...
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this makes the cloud part be text/html, and puts in a link, and removes the filename so we won't display it as an attachment in the UI.
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proposed fix

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This makes sense to me.  Good stuff!
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proposed fix

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User impact if declined: 
cloud file attachments show up as real attachments in attachment pane.
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