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Reinstall Firefox Nightly builds due to bug 737435 which broke the builds


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We have to replace the broken builds with fresh copies from latest-mozilla-central because builds were left broken by the updater lately. See bug 735713.

I will work on it now.
Which version had a problem updating? Both 13.0a1 and 14.0a1 should have been able to update and I had Simona confirm that as well as others to me previously.
Update of Nightly builds on Windows has been done. Should be back to normal tomorrow.
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It was on XP and Vista. The Nightly builds blamed that the msvcrt100.dll was not able to find. Keep in mind that for our testrun we rely on the formerly updated build. So if one is broken we have to replace it manually. Shortly this will not have to be done. The CI stuff is nearly ready.
I think it should be marked as depends on "Bug 737435 - Windows 7 64-bit build: Can't start, missing MSVCR100.dll" and not Bug 735713.
...And also the title should be changed.  Comment 3 is not related to Bug 735713.  Bug 735784 created a workaround for Bug 735713 and made it so builds would not be broken, so no manual update was necessary from that.
So you are right. I have updated the summary of bug 737435 so it is not restricted to 64bit builds only. Updating the dependency list.
Depends on: 737435
No longer depends on: 735713
Summary: Reinstall Firefox Nightly builds due to updater issue on bug 735713 which broke the builds → Reinstall Firefox Nightly builds due to bug 737435 which broke the builds
Product: Mozilla QA → Mozilla QA Graveyard
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