Phantom tabs appear when using Exposé / Mission Control in Mac OS X




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Hi, sometimes when I open or close a tab in Firefox, that change in state isn't reflected in Exposé / Mission Control on Mac OS X. Thus, when I enter Mission Control, I see an old version of the window, which can be very misleading when looking for tabs or windows, or can reveal private information in a recently-closed tab.

Oddly enough, the window title remains correct. Everyone inside of the OS chrome renders incorrectly.

Entering and exiting Mission Control will, occasionally resolve the issue, but only rarely. I've also had this persist for long periods (minutes) and through multiple tab / navigation interactions in a given window.

I've uploaded three screenshots, taken in chronological order. In the first, you see my desktop with one Nightly window containing one tab. Then I open Mission Control, and see a previous window state with three total tabs, and a recently closed tab focused and visible. The third screenshot is what I get when I return to my desktop.

I have no extensions installed. I can't duplicate this in Thunderbird.

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Screenshot 2 - Mission Control with phantom tabs

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Screenshot 3 - Back to the Desktop
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