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Home and Arrow Buttons look Hideous.


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Steps to reproduce:

Updated to the Nightly update of March 22,2012

Actual results:

The Home and back arrows looked like below:


Expected results:

The Home button and arrow buttons should not have been changed to look like this. The images were perfectly fine in the build of March 21, 2012. I believe this was caused by this:


This is how the buttons looked.
What's ugly about it, it looks better than the old ones. And there will be more changes to the theme than just this (search for Australis). This is definitely a Won't fix.

The above is ugly. Try using a persona with it and it looks like this:

If it is a won't fix, for me it will be a won't use!

The above is how they used to look. Not ugly.
Well as I said I find the "Fugly" new buttons (fugly.png) better looking than the old ones (Capture-2.png). Even on a dark persona (I'm using a black one).
It really is only a matter of personal tastes and considering this is part of a bigger UI redesign, I don't see any chance of this being reversed.
That is your opinion, stop spamming this bug report.
You can close this report. I have found a work around.
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