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Clean up /Central for 3.6 focused WN Page


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We need to clean up the page with updated content and clean up some of the graphics and interactions. 

I will have more info when I get back from PTO on 4/2.
Link to final content here:
Thanks LoMo, will review and get back with some thoughts.  Meanwhile... I'm going to make this into a Design bug so we can tackle that first.
Assignee: nobody → tshahian
Component: → Design
Product: Websites → Marketing
QA Contact: www-mozilla-com → design
Assignee: tshahian → mternoway
Okay sorry, slight change of plans.  Ltom is going to take this.  Thanks Matt :)
Assignee: mternoway → ltom
Hey LoMo, can you please confirm the due date on this?
The page needs to be live 4/24, so my guess is to have it to webdev no later than the 17th?
Whiteboard: Due: 4/17
A couple questions:

1. What's the status of the PSD that Lee posted in comment#3? 

2. The 17th is feasible but a little tight, given we'll need a few days at least for QA and bug fixes. Can we target design hand off on this Friday (4/13)?
The PSD Lee posted is the PSD for the current/outdated version as reference.  He'll need to update the screenshot (i'll need to file that) and also update the content and layout a bit to accommodate LoMo's request here.  I won't speak on his behalf, but he's pretty heads down focused on Kilimanjaro right now so If we can deliver early next week that would be ideal.  But perhaps he can knock it out... will let him comment.
Depends on: 743826
Hi Laura, 
Here are a couple of mockups based on our conversation this morning. 

Things you will see:
- Larger, centered page title (maybe we add a short description underneath?)
- Separating the UI and Firefox Expert sections so content will be more clear vs. crammed into the top area
- I explored your suggestion of having a left navigation + content appear to the right, in the Firefox Expert section. What do you think? 

Open Issues:
- Ideally, we don't contain everything in white boxes, but it felt like once we "added" a second section (7 Steps), the UI section seemed floaty and strange that it was presented differently. 
- I think having a more colorful (although not too busy) website in the browser window, will help define the UI section better. Do you recommend anything to try instead of the Wikipedia page? 
- What should we title the UI section. Header is FPO
With UI hover description on...
What the sections look like without the white boxes.
Hi Laura, thanks for updating the content Etherpad so quickly. I flowed all of your new changes into each state of the "6 Easy Steps" section. I'm attaching them all inline here:
Thanks Lee--

These look awesome! Tara, any changes? Otherwise I want to call these done and move this over to webdev.
Looks fine to me.  Good job Lee. Lets move these into webdev :)

nit:  is it weird that the dotted lines on the right of the chrome suddenly stop into nothing?
Ha! funny - I think this was the last thought I shared before I saved out the PNGs and posted them :)

How's this?

> nit:  is it weird that the dotted lines on the right of the chrome suddenly
> stop into nothing?
Posting PSD here:
Blocks: 744918
Thanks Lee for getting this out so quickly. Resolving bug and moving to implementation.
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Hi everyone. We are going to do a static page without animations given other major releases that will consume all development resources. We will iterate on this page in the future with animations as proposed above. 

Page looks great!
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