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Latest Firefox and Thunderbird updates are sometimes downloaded from one mirror and sometimes from others. I volunteer here at the Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village in Rwanada where we use a caching proxy (Apache Traffic Server) to overcome slow/unreliable downloads. But because Mozilla downloads sometimes come from one mirror and sometimes from others, it's frustrating for users to predict whether a download will be fast (cache hit) or slow (cache miss). The same download may be fast one time and slow the next

A possible solution might be adding RFC 6249 (Metalink/HTTP: Mirrors and Hashes) "Link: <...>; rel=duplicate", or RFC 3230 (Instance Digests in HTTP) "Digest: ..." headers to Mozilla downloads. I could then configure Apache Traffic Server:

  1. If the response status code is 3XX
  2. Scan "Link: <...>; rel=duplicate" headers for URL that already exist in the cache
  3. If found, update "Location: ..." header with this URL and pass on response

I could also check for a "Digest: ..." header and, if found, check for content with same digest already in cache
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Seems this is a very very old and lost request. Is this still an issue?
Yeah, over a year old and we've moved to the CDN to deliver content now.
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