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Steps to reproduce:

- open image in own tab
- ctrl-s to save it
- save in a image-folder

Actual results:

- question, if i want to overwrite the existing file
- i compared both, they were the same (i already had the image)
- cancel/save doesn't matter, because its the same image

Expected results:

- firefox should check (checksum?) if the files are identical
- firefox should cancel the download and show a passive notification "you already had the same file"


6 years ago
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OS: Linux → All
Hardware: x86_64 → All

Comment 1

6 years ago
First of all - the scenario you describer does not involve a download - the file is already there.

If it was a download that is still in progress, you can't cancel it as you need the whole file to compare with the existing version. Unless you can retrieve the checksum before you download the real file (see bug 292481) - not sure if this extra download would be worthwhile for images.

Also note that you get the save-dialog before the file is finished with downloading - you can't notify the user (yet) that it will be an identical copy.

If you're only saving a file that is already in memory (so you compare it with the old file before the dialog shows up), then this could be considered. But will be user understand why there's sometimes a check, and sometimes not ?

Comment 2

6 years ago
yeah, its only possible for files being in memory, like cached images or downloads which finish before the "save-as" dialog pops up.

your linked bug is interesting too, but i think stuff like disk-images or other files which usually come with known hashs has good filenames in most cases, too.

The Scenario is more for stuff like photos from digital cameras, which are always numbered image00001, image00002 after importing. then you try to save image00001, and firefox asks: "overwrite file?"

To know, if it should be overwritten, you need to compare the source image and the file on disk, so maybe cancel first, switch to the correct tab, open an explorer windows and search for the file with the same name.

For images another option would be to show thumbnails and metadata (like size, filesize) of both copies in the "overwrite?"-dialog. 
But this only works for images, there are other cases where the duplicate-detection could be useful as well, like saving text/html or any other media which can be displayed in firefox and then be saved via "save as" (as audio/video, which can be played in firefox-tabs since the <audio>/<video> support).


5 years ago
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See Also: → bug 687396

Comment 3

4 years ago
Still a problem, especially when downloading big files (iso-images), that the existing (maybe partial) file gets overwritten. maybe there could at least be a simple check by filesize and a warning "are you sure you want to redownload, the file seems complete"? Would either need some history of urls / filenames, or a warning, that the file may be different, which cannot be checked without an additional md5-file.
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