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"Fx10+ Conditionally Hidden Forward Button" Fx feature disabled by CSS element Id=fullscreenflex


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Steps to reproduce:

Ya'll know how there has been a quite of few reports from users on ( that the Fx feature "Fx10+ Conditionally Hidden Forward Button" in Large Icon mode isn't working, and we all say "Make sure nothing is between your Forward/Back buttons and the Urlbar" and when they say "There isn't nothing there" we say "Reset your toolbars back to there default set in 'Customize Toolbar Palette' ".

I had do that my self a more than a few times since I'm testing Fx Beta, Aurora and Nightly builds. Today I got tired of having to reset my toolbars to get it to work. I used DOM Inspector to investigate and to my surprise there was hidden nav-bar toolbar element under the (CSS Id=fullscreenflex) that you can't move by 'drag and drop' using the 'Customize Toolbar Palette' since it invisible.

So, I made this CSS code.

#navigator-toolbox[iconsize=large][mode=icons][customizing="true"] > #nav-bar #fullscreenflex {
display: -moz-box !important;
background-color: yellow !important;
min-width: 30px !important; }

So, I could see it when using the 'Customize Toolbar Palette' in Large Icon Mode to be able to move my other Nav-bar toolbar elements(buttons) to either side of it, so I could restore the function of the Fx feature "Fx10+ Conditionally Hidden Forward Button".

Is it intentional for it be able move around unchecked like it does?

Expected results:

The CSS element Id=fullscreenflex shouldn't be able to move from it's default position to prevent disabling the Fx feature "Fx10+ Conditionally Hidden Forward Button".
Component: Untriaged → Toolbars
Depends on: 739093
QA Contact: untriaged → toolbars
Duplicate of this bug: 734619
Blocks: 682534
This problem is fixed in the latest Fx 14.0a1 due to Bug 739093 , but I'm waiting to get a response here: , before changing Bug 739160 Status.
Closed: 9 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Whiteboard: fixed by bug 739093
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