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6 years ago
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6 years ago
Two parts:

* Admins need a way to add or subtract points from people, and to give a reason why.

* We also need a page in the admin panel that lists point totals for everyone, split up by level. We need a way for editors to check and see who deserves what swag. They’ll be able to keep track of who has received what in a spreadsheet; we just need a place that shows off how many points they have and what swag level they’re on. (For information on swag levels, see the spec, linked in the URL field)
Part one was committed along with bug 739428 (admin/models/editors/reviewerscore/).

Part two can be done now as part of bug 739430, and later with levels when those are added.
Is this bug finished?  Part two doesn't feel complete to me - Is there anywhere that shows all of the point totals, rather than just a summary and the top X reviewers?
No, it's not finished. Admins can use the admin to add or subtract points from people is done. But Greg's 2nd bullet point isn't done.

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6 years ago
I spoke with the editors and everyone agrees this is now our only blocker to launching the incentive program. Any way we can get this done soon?
For the 2nd point what I think would be great is:

A page at something like /reviewers/leaderboard that's linked to from the current reviewer score dashboard's leaderboard.

On that page we'd show all reviewers from highest points to lowest and broken down by levels (once those are implemented).
clarifying which bugs are for which things.
Summary: [ei] Admin Panel for Editor Tools Incentives → Admin Summary Panel for Reviewer Incentives

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6 years ago
Second part broken out into bug 824846
Last Resolved: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED


2 years ago
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