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Filelink account management pane in preferences dialog needs styling polish for Windows XP

RESOLVED FIXED in Thunderbird 14.0


5 years ago
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Thunderbird 14.0
Windows XP
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Screenshot of problem

On Windows XP, the Filelink account management pane looks a bit funny.  In particular:

1)  It looks like the Add / Remove buttons are being cut off at the bottom
2)  The Dropbox / YouSendIt panels have scrollbars

See screenshot.
Blocks: 698925

For problem (1) (Add / Remove buttons being cut off at the bottom), it looks like the cloudFileAuthErrorPanel is oversized, causing the tabpanels to be too large for the preferences dialog.

Upon further investigation, it looks like the "key" graphic in that dialog might be a bit too large for Windows XP.  Can we use a smaller version for XP?

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The fix

Screenshots coming next.
Assignee: nobody → mconley
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The fix in action on Win XP
Created attachment 611554 [details]
The fix in action on Win 7
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Depends on: 739279

Sorry, I forgot to mark it down - this patch relies on the patch in bug 739279 to be applied.

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The fix

Yep, looks better.  :)

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The fix

I got some scrollbars when trying to use the classic theme on Windows 7.
Therefore I think we need to insert a media selector in preferences-aero.css specifically for Windows7 default theme. It should look something like this:

@media all and (-moz-windows-default-theme) {
  #provider-management {

and then below that the patches current #provider-management class. The current #provider-management in preferences.css should be good as they are, as it's values will be overwritten by the ones in preferences-aero.css only under Windows Vista and 7.
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(In reply to Andreas Nilsson (:andreasn) from comment #7)

> and then below that the patches current #provider-management class.
Meant id here of course.
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the fix (v2) - ui-r+ from bwinton.

This should take care of the classic-under-win7-issue
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the fix (v2) - ui-r+ from bwinton.


Works perfectly!  Assigning myself for code review...

Attachment #615332 - Attachment description: the fix (v2) → the fix (v2) - ui-r+ from bwinton.
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the fix (v2) - ui-r+ from bwinton.

Review of attachment 615332 [details] [diff] [review]:

Looks good to me.  Thanks Andreas!
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5 years ago
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