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CTRL+Tab sends you to different places


(Firefox :: Tabbed Browser, defect)

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I have a set of tabs open and need to perform an action in each one, which takes a little while to load.  My strategy is to trigger the action in one, press CTRL+Tab to switch to the next one, and trigger the action in that, etc. 
I've noticed that if I press CTRL+Tab while the tab I'm leaving is "connecting" (icon with the circle, going counterclockwise), the effect of CTRL+Tab is to shift focus to the address bar ("awesomebar") and select the current URL.  I need to press CTRL+Tab again to actually switch to the next tab.  If I wait until after the server is sending starts response to the tab I'm leaving (incl. time after page is displayed), CTRL+Tab switches directly to the next tab.

Also, I noticed that sometimes when it does switch to the next tab, the focus winds up in the address bar (e. g. pressing "end" will put the cursor at the end of the URL, not scroll the page to the end) instead of the content window.  This doesn't seem to happen until my second cycle through the tab set, and then it's only a certain percentage of the time (not 0%, not 100%).  That may or may not be related.

Proposed resolution:
The keyboard shortcut CTRL+Tab should ALWAYS move you to the next tab if one is available, regardless of the page loading status of the tab currently being viewed.  CTRL+Shift+Tab should behave similarly, cycling through tabs in reverse order.
Have you reproduced this in safe mode?
Also, are you running the latest Firefox version?
In safe mode, substitute "tab selector bar" for "address bar (awesomebar)" in the original report.  This is probably because the tab selector bar is above the awesomebar in Safe Mode (and below it in my normal setup).  I'm running FF 11 which is reported as being up to date on the release channel.
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