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6 years ago
I'm having some mysterious problem where filters sometimes seem to run (automatically, as messages are received), and sometimes don't. (TB 12)

So I've been using Tools -> Run Filters On Folder, which seems to always make things go.

Just noticed that if I do Tools -> Message Filters, then click the "Run Now" button, nothing happens. If I close that dialog and do the Run Filters On Folder menu command instead, the filters clearly run (they're moving a bunch of messages to another account).

Nothing shows up in the error console.

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6 years ago
There are many reports about filters supposedly not running.

Could you choose some filter that is not working and describe it for us? What it should match on and what its actions are.
Component: General → Filters
Product: Thunderbird → MailNews Core
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Version: unspecified → 12

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6 years ago
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screenshot of filter

I have a number of filters that all do the same thing... I have a Bugzilla account (not this one) just for watching users on Bugzilla, and a number of filters (1 per user) to move messages from my Gmail account (POP) to a user-specific folder on my MoCo Zimbra account (IMAP).

Here's a screenshot of one such filter.

One interesting piece of data is that the messages that don't get moved _are_ being marked as read. Maybe some kind of race condition with syncing the "message is now read" with moving it to another account?

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6 years ago
To clarify, there are actually 2 bugs here: one is that sometimes my filters seem not to have run automatically. The other is that the Run Now button seems to reliably not do anything. I filed this bug specifically for the latter issue.

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6 years ago
Also, the Run Now button only runs the filter(s) that is currently selected, not all of them in the list. Have you considered that?

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6 years ago
And also, it only applies that filter on the folder selected in the picker besides the Run now button. That often is Inbox, not the folder that you have shown in the main TB window, where you came from.

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6 years ago
(In reply to :aceman from comment #4)
> Also, the Run Now button only runs the filter(s) that is currently selected,
> not all of them in the list. Have you considered that?

Ah-ha! This is the downside of having a column of aligned buttons intersect with the row for running a filter. :/ I was looking at the column, and visually blind to the row. sigh.

So, yeah, working as designed although perhaps this is a UI quirk to resolve.
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