Fullscreen does not fill screen, leaves empty bar at top.




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Screenshot 1: currently Nightly fullscreen mode

Fullscreen mode does not fill screen. Also, menubar autohide capability has also disappeared (possibly by design?).
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Screenshot 2: Previous fullscreen mode, w/ menubar.
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Screenshot 3: Previous fullscreen mode, menu bar auto-hid.

Comment 3

4 years ago
Note, that this isn't limited to the fullscreen browsing mode:
If a website asks for fullscreen mode (e.g. for a html5 video), the 1 pixel bar at the top remains, causing the video to be resized to 1919x1079 (black bar at the left and top of the video) in case of a fullHD display(1920x1080) and a 16:9 video.

One can even pinpoint the second the issue "appears" by switching into fullscreen mode via F11:
The addressbar and tabs smoothly hide at the top, though once this animation has finished, the screen will "jump" 1px downwards and the black line appears. Before that, the full screen is available to the webpage...

I added a small HTML file to check the available resolution to the webpage.

Comment 4

4 years ago
Created attachment 8344279 [details]

Checks and logs the currently available resolution
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