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Java may get incorrect page size


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Firefox 14
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firefox14 --- fixed
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There's a possibility that the page size sent from gecko -> java in the Viewport:PageSize message is at a different zoom level than that currently in java. We need to account for this. Note that the setPageSize(float,float,float) method in GeckoLayerClient that is invoked by the compositor does this too; I just forgot it needs to happen in the Viewport:PageSize handler as well. This doesn't happen very often but it's visible in the dynamic-resolution strategy and makes the scrollbars change in size incorrectly. This is not easy to fix, unfortunately, since the zoom factor associated with the page size sent from browser.js is not necessarily the tab._zoom; it is really the resolution set on the cwu.
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This patch is sort of what I had in mind, but it doesn't actually fix the problem I was seeing because the messageMetrics.getZoomFactor() is the zoom level stored in the tab in browser.js, not the display resolution on the pres shell (the two are the same unless we're using DynamicResolutionStrategy).
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Would this fix bug 735539 and/or bug 740005?
No, this bug never manifest in current builds; it's only an issue for code that is not yet turned on.
Oh wait, what I just said was wrong. It could manifest in current code as well, but still wouldn't cause the bugs you refer to.
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I figure we might as well land this since it is technically a bug in current code.
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Looks good to me.
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