404's are thrown when clicking any web result with a new BrowserID account



7 years ago
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(Reporter: tchung, Assigned: st3fan)





7 years ago
I'm seeing 404's when requesting any webpage from the Bing search results.   Note, that i signed it for the first time with my browserID account.    

console Log:
Mar 29 15:51:12 unknown wifid[26] <Error>: WiFi:[354754272.244544]: Client dataaccessd set type to background application
Mar 29 15:51:48 unknown Pancake[5206] <Warning>: void SendDelegateMessage(NSInvocation*): delegate (webView:runJavaScriptAlertPanelWithMessage:initiatedByFrame:) failed to return after waiting 10 seconds. main run loop mode: kCFRunLoopDefaultMode
Mar 29 15:51:51 unknown Pancake[5206] <Warning>: LOG - MAIN - "onQueryChange: ", "", " was: ", "https://pancake.mozillalabs.com/main?platform=ios&woot=woo
Mar 29 15:51:51 unknown Pancake[5206] <Warning>: LOG - MAIN - "Home main state entry"
Mar 29 15:52:05 unknown Pancake[5206] <Warning>: LOG - MAIN - "onQueryChange: ", "headphones", " was: ", "https://pancake.mozillalabs.com/main?platform=ios&woot=woo
Mar 29 15:52:34 unknown Pancake[5206] <Warning>: ERROR - MAIN - "Error encountered when handling stack launch", {"readyState":4,"response":"<html><title>404: Not Found</title><body>404: Not Found</body></html>","responseXML":null,"onload":null,"onerror":null,"onloadstart":null,"status":404,"onabort":null,"upload":{"onabort":null,"onload":null,"onprogress":null,"onerror":null,"onloadstart":null},"responseType":"","onprogress":null,"withCredentials":false,"responseText":"<html><title>404: Not Found</title><body>404: Not Found</body></html>","statusText":"Not Found"}

1) install pancake production on New Ipad
2) log in, and search for web content (eg. Cars, sports, headphones, anything)
3) Bing successfully returns web results.  
4) Click on any link in the list of results.  Verify 404 error is thrown.

- no 404's thrown on web content links

- 404's


7 years ago
Component: General → Native iOS Wrapper
QA Contact: general → ioswrapper
fyi, it doesn't have to be in the new ipad.

Just create a new browser id that's new to pancake, and sign in and search for nba and click on the first link.

Speaking with Gordon, he suspects that it has something to do with the iOS wrapper.

Assigning to St3fan.
Assignee: nobody → sarentz

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7 years ago
Was this on production?


7 years ago
Last Resolved: 7 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED

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7 years ago
tchung: stuart: ping.  is this fixed due to something that landed?  bug 740641.  comments don't show any change set
[12:28am] tchung: i also don't have my iPad device on me
[12:29am] tchung: but i'll test when i get home
[12:29am] stuart: tchung: yes
[12:29am] stuart: oh, no
[12:29am] stuart: well sort of
[12:29am] stuart: it was a config bug on production
[12:29am] tchung: oh ok.  i'll retest.  but helpful if you add a comment in the future
Need a new mozilla user to log into pancake...
I can't do it since my account nhirata@mozilla.com works.

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7 years ago
You can wipe your account. That will delete your data and account.
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