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Build ID: 20120312181643

Steps to reproduce:

I'm using ChatZilla (PC/Windows 7) and I've configured it to use a default username and a name for the "away" status. (ChatZilla

Actual results:

I got disconnected several times and it fall back to the username "irc".

The nickname “irc” is already in use, use the /nick command to pick a new one.
	===	Register first.
	===	*** No ident response
	[ERROR]	Closing Link: by (Registration Timeout)

Expected results:

ChatZilla seems to use the fallback username "irc" at some point.
If your connection times out, it may take up to a couple of minutes for the server to drop the nick you were using just before the disconnect. Until that nick is dropped (or, if registered, until you tell NickServ to "ghost" it), you cannot reuse that nick.

Workaround: Define additional fallback nicks in ChatZilla → Preferences → {server} → Lists → Nickname List. For example, add the same nickname with one or two underscores at the end.

Comment 2

6 years ago
I can find no evidence of ChatZilla using "irc" as a fallback nickname. If there's no alternative list set, we'll append underscores. A network trace might be useful.
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