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VM stack pointer metrics and overflow recovery hooks


(Tamarin Graveyard :: Virtual Machine, enhancement)

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Q2 12 - Cyril


(Reporter: pnkfelix, Assigned: wmaddox)


VM changes to support stack overflow recovery in host, and validation thereof

1) Provide abstract methods AvmCore::tryHook() and AvmCore::catchHook(), to be implemented by the host.  AvmCore::tryHook() is purely to support diagnostics, and is enabled only in debug builds due to the cost that invoking the hook imposes on every try-block entry.  AvmCore::catchHook() is intended not only for diagnostics, but to allow host to determine whether the stack has unwound sufficiently to recover from a stack overflow exception.  It is invoked only in a catch block, on the exceptional path.

2) Provide an API to record the largest and smallest stack pointer values observed by the VM's stack checks, in both the interpreter and JIT.  It is enabled conditionally upon VMCFG_STACK_METRICS.  It's intended purpose is to support diagnostic tracing and sanity checks in debug builds of the host.

(spawned off of Bug 702552)
Assignee: nobody → wmaddox
Target Milestone: --- → Q2 12 - Cyril
Not sure why tamarin-bot missed this (maybe it balked at seeing 702552 in there).

changeset:   7330:f1b33c6cc292
user:        William Maddox <>
date:        Thu Mar 29 20:56:35 2012 -0700
summary:     Bug 702552, 740903: VM stack pointer metrics and overflow recovery hooks (r=edwsmith)
Tamarin is a dead project now. Mass WONTFIX.
Closed: Last year
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
Tamarin isn't maintained anymore. WONTFIX remaining bugs.
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