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Change background color for selected item in the reminder dialog in Windows 7 High Contrast mode (unreadable green on grey)


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Lightning 1.3
Windows 7
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Steps to reproduce:

Set Windows 7 to High Contrast theme (forces green on black in most apps). Set up a reminder in Lightning. Wait until the reminder dialog shows up.

Actual results:

Reminder dialog shows the selected item in green (from Windows) on light grey. This is not readable.

Expected results:

Like in #671119, Lightning should detect that Windows is using the High Contrast theme and change the background color (e.g. to the default from the windows theme, which here is black).

The individual can fix this via a userContent.css hack, but it should work out of the box for maximum accessibility.

The relevant theme CSS is here, but I was not easily able to find a theme which changes this:

The eventual solution locally was to put this in userChrome.css:
@namespace url("");

calendar-alarm-widget[selected="true"] {
    background-color: #000000 !important;
    padding: 0 5px;
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I've copied the system colors from richlistitem to calendar-alarm-widget. This works good on all systems. Only the Details... link isn't well readable under Mac and Linux with default Ubuntu theme. I decided to give the link the same color as the other text. With the underline it is still discoverable as link.

I removed also mozapps/skin/extensions/itemEnabledFader.png because this exists no more.
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Screenshot showing the link color issue under Mac and Ubuntu default. With Adwaita (the reminder on bottom) theme this would be no problem.

Because of this problem I gave for the link the same color as for the other text.
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Too bad on the details link, but I don't see many alternatives.
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Yes it might be. Sorry I didn't spot that when I searched.

There are 2 ways of going about it:

1 - take colour settings from the OS. This is what TB does (mostly). This allows the Windows HCB and any bespoke colour settings to work for the user who then gets the colours they want.

2 - Let Lightning set it's own colours. But it must set ALL colours which is what it fails to do. Ir sets some and takes others from the OS so we get these problems.

I have screen shots now to show that the white text on blue takes white from the OS but the blue background is set within Lightning.

Should I post these screen shots now?
Duplicate of this bug: 766501
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