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A simple Bugzilla search shows that this issue has been reported countless times: Mozilla Developers are a bunch of incompetent morons. Guys, it's time to handle that problem seriously and do something about it!

I create this bug to track the issue and discuss possible solutions. For more details about the issue, see for instance bug 103543, bug 184358, bug 281150, bug 417243, bug 507552, bug 537699, bug 615360, bug 603880, bug 610218, etc.

Note that this is not specific to Firefox, see e.g. bug 458069, bug 617899.

I suggest the following plan:
- from existing bugs, both recent and older, try and determine exactly which subset of Mozilla developers can be accurately characterized as morons (e.g. is it just paid developers or does this extend to the community?) – note that some developers have already taken steps towards this by helpfully stepping forward and marking themselves as "I'm an idiot" or "I'm incompetent", so some data can be reused;
- modify the "Feedback" tool to let users pinpoint a specific developer and call him/her a moron;
- possibly run a Test Pilot survey asking people to vote for "moron of the year" Mozilla developer;
- determine how to de-moronize said developers and/or Mozilla (e.g. could ritual disemboweling with a Frankfurter Wet Trout be sufficient or do we need some more drastic measures involving voodoo koala leprechauns?);
- take said measures.
In bug 731552, "bob" suggests another measure that could perhaps be simpler than voodoo koala leprechauns: « you need to hire some NORMAL programmers ASAP. and sack every single person you have now. please put me in charge. i'll get the job done. » – anyone interested in interviewing him?
April Fool falls flat. News at 11.
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