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[Security Review][Action Item]GeolocationAPI - Possible change to geo policy


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Details "When you visit a page that requests your information, you’ll be asked before any information is shared with the requesting website and our third-party service provider." This might need to be changed to "..before your information is shared..." 

I am not sure who exactly should get this so I am assigning to dougt and cc: sid so we can figure it out
Assignee: doug.turner → nobody
Need to figure out how we get this properly done, this appears to be a wording update to our privacy policy
Assignee: nobody → curtisk
OS: Mac OS X → All
Hardware: x86 → All
The dispute here is the one word change from "any" to "your". Is the site wrong, the policy wrong, or does the feature need changing to follow the published policy.
:geekboy - can you help me get the right eyes to weigh in on this one?
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Privacy policy stuff?  You probably want to get feedback from Tom and maybe someone who works on words.
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Curtis, I want to echo Comment 2. What's the inconsistency or the problem that we need to fix?
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Tom, I think that is the question, do we think we need a wording change or is the current wording adequate?
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What current behavior is inconsistent with the current wording?
comment 0 had this but in reading it again after so long I think I may have copied the wrong section. Sid can you help jog my correct memory here?
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See comment 2.
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(In reply to Tom Lowenthal [:StrangeCharm] from comment #7)
> What current behavior is inconsistent with the current wording?

Some information is shared with the 3rd party website simply by browsing to it; relevant to the geolocation topic would be the IP address which we explicitly call out as information we share in the next paragraph. "you’ll be asked before any information is shared" is therefore inaccurate. Maybe it should be worded "before any LOCATION information...", or to parallel the first part of the sentence "before YOUR information..."

... As long as we're here, the policy also has a section "Am I being tracked as I browse the web?". Yes, you are, although our answer says "No". We mean MOZILLA is not tracking your LOCATION, but that's not most people's first association with "web tracking" these days.

Perhaps the question could be re-worded as "Is my location being tracked as I browse the web?". Although the answer to that is also "Yes" because Google Analytics (for one) tells websites where it thinks your IP address is located, and for mobile users it's even more of a mess.
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Closed: 9 years ago
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Curtis, Daniel: since this has been marked as fixed, I take it that you no longer think there's any work to be done here?
We at least don't see anything that needs to be done from our side
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