if a form control's caption is set to content editable, tapping on the caption always places the insertion point at the start of the text, preventing editing of following text.




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Steps to reproduce:

I added button to page via JavaScript, with contentEditable property set to true. The aim being to allow users to edit the button's caption. See attached test html file.

Actual results:

Tapping on the button shows the insertion caret, but it is always placed at the start of the text, and the android keyboard doesn't allow you to delete right or to move the insertion point to the right. This prevents you from modifying the following text although you can always insert new next at the start. The same is true for other form controls, e.g. radio buttons and checkboxes.

Expected results:

The insertion point should be positioned under the tap and there should also be an easy means to move the insertion point right or left. I recommend adding cursor left and right keys to the soft keyboard.

Note on the stock android browser the caret is placed under the tap, but there is no easy means to move forward or backward a character, and worse the soft keyboard doesn't show even though the editing caret is present and blinking!

p.s. this bug is reproducable on Firefox 10, Firefox 13 (Aurora) and Firefox 14 nightly.

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6 years ago
I forgot to clarify that the bug is independent of whether the form control is added to the page via JavaScript or is present in the downloaded page markup. The attachment is the latter.

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6 years ago
Oh and in case you are wondering, the use case is for web-based authoring of forms.
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Confirmed if the phone has a scroll button you can move around but that is it. Clicking into the button does not move the cursor.
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