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Installed apps on FF 12 build or earlier should be the same as in FF 13 builds or later


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(Reporter: jsmith, Assigned: ianbicking)


(Whiteboard: [marketplace-beta?])


1. Start a Firefox 12 build or earlier
2. Go to
3. Install a couple of apps
4. Go to
5. Re-arrange some apps on the dashboard
6. Start a Firefox 13 build or later
7. Go to


The same apps installed before should be shown with apps re-arranged in the location that they were re-arranged to.


No apps are shown as installed.

Additional Notes:

It appears that the apps installed on FF 12 builds or earlier vs. FF 13 builds or later are in an entirely different data structure (probably from the mozApps API being enabled on FF 13 or later). Installing apps on FF 13 or later correspondingly will not show changes on a FF 12 build or earlier. The customer impact on a bug like this is from a upgrade perspective:

1. User installs a bunch of apps on FF 12
2. User updates to FF 13
3. User thinks all of their apps have disappeared
Whiteboard: [marketplace-beta?]
Ian - Any ideas on what we could do to resolve this?
I think what this is describing is that apps installed with the HTML shim won't be seen by the native implementation.  AitC should fix this (HTML will sync to the server, native will pull those apps from the server), and I don't think we want to do anything fancier than that.
Resolving as a won't fix. AITC will take care of this corner case, so long as we require login when accessing the dashboard. Bugs will be open respectively to handle these scenarios.
Closed: 11 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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