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Steps to reproduce:

I submitted a new version of my add-on for full review on April 3rd and had the queue position of 75ish.

Actual results:

On the 10th I check my queue status and I was in 56th place, then I checked it the morning of the 11th and I was in 61st place. 

Expected results:

Position should at the very least stay the same over time, if not go down.

Dietrich suggested that I should open a bug against this as the point displaying the queue is to show one getting closer to the front of the line over time, rather than further away or being an infinite progress meter.

He also speculated that maybe it was security releases of add-ons that got bumped ahead of me. But still filing the bug report like he said.
Jorge, do you know why someone can move backwards in the queue? The point of letting people see their place in the queue is to know they're making progress.

Showing the opposite seems like it can only frustrate.
An add-on can be moved to near the top of the queue when its latest version has its status changed manually by an admin. There are a few reasons where this can happen. Also, versions were reviewed and are then renominated for whatever reason can sometimes keep their old nomination date, pushing the add-on near the top of the queue.

While this is rare, it can happen, and there are many cases like this that are unavoidable.
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