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[mag] [Fx,Tb] New localization: Magahi


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Magahi (mag-IN) is one of the most important language spoken by 34 million people in the easternpart in India. This in one of the scheduled language by government of India. So
I am eager to start the localisation process for the language.

My name is Chandan Kumar. Email Address:
Severity: critical → normal
Are you writing only in Devanagari script, or do you also have an interest in using the Kaithi script (as mentioned, for example, in for this language?
Devanagari script is widely used for magahi language in common masses.
But kaithi script is very old, not used this time.So we prefer to give Devanagari script for writing.
good, Chandan, you are right I also feel devanagari will be fine.
this site is now created. i want to work on magahi translation for firefox on pootle.
So I request pootle maintainer to create Magahi (mag) language here:
Please move .lang as well.
this will help in translating the string.
Dwayne, can you set mag up on locamotion?
(In reply to Axel Hecht [:Pike] from comment #5)
> Dwayne, can you set mag up on locamotion?


- Magahi enabled on Pootle at
- Rajesh hs full admin rights (as he was also listed as a committer on the team page), Chandan you will need to create a user on Pootle and ask Rajesh to enable you for Magahi.
- I used mag not mag-IN for this, I think it is more correct.
Thanks Dwayne!
mag is correct. But would be better if you can give full rights to Chandan directly.
Thansks Rajesh ranjan, Dwayne, Axel for this.
(In reply to Rajesh Ranjan from comment #7)
> Thanks Dwayne!
> mag is correct. But would be better if you can give full rights to Chandan
> directly.

I should have looked harder.  Chandan I've given you full rights, Rajesh I've left you in just in case of an emergency.
Summary: [mag] Registration for Firefox and Thunderbird for Magahi language → [mag] [Fx,Tb] New localization: Magahi
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This locale registration bug is being resolved as INCOMPLETE because it has not been updated since before the final Firefox 10esr release on 2013-01-08. It is assumed that there has not been any progress in developing the desired localization since that time.

If you feel this bug has been closed in error, please reopen it and provide a status update for your locale.

In addition, please be sure to follow the guidelines listed on the wiki for creating a new localization:

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