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logs when loading about:home

Fennec/14.0a1 2012-04-10
Device: Motorola Droid 2(Android 2.3)

I have not been able to isolate steps to reproduce this but from time to time the Fennec profile gets in a state where the about:home is cut off above the addons section. 

The page will be displayed this way until the user clears the data creating a new profile.

The issue has been seen on different phones on different builds over the last week but we were unable to isolate a reproducibility pattern. Also it does not matter if there is or isn't a "Tabs from last time" section.

Looking through the logs no errors could be seen when loading about:home
What do you mean? Can you show a screenshot?

Remember, if there are no add-ons, the add-ons section does not appear. Currently, there are no recemmended add-ons. When the app checks for the latest list of recommneded add-ons and none are returned, the add-ons section is removed.

That is happening now because of bug 744555.

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7 years ago
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about:home before and after profile clear
Yeah, this is a dupe of bug 744555. It's not cutoff. There are just no add-ons to show.
Last Resolved: 7 years ago
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
Duplicate of bug: 744555

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logs from the update process

I have been able to reproduce the issue 3 consecutive times following the steps:
1. Install an older version of Nightly( I used the one from yesterday)
2. Look for updates and download them.
3. Install the updates.
4. After updates install choose the "Open" button.

The recommended addons section will be missing. After a clear profile the updates are displayed.

I am not sure this is a dupe of Bug 744555 as the recommended addons section is displayed after a profile clear - and after a profile clear there should not be other addons installed.
when you clear a profile, Fennec uses a hard coded list of recommended add-ons to display on about:home. These are not already istalled add-ons. They are add-ond you could install.

Periodically, Fennec will ask the AMO server for a new list of recommended add-ons. If none are recommended, an empty list is returned.

Fennec will use the new list to display add-ons on about:home. If the list is empty, we show no add-ons.

That appears to be what is happening in your screen shot.
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