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Set MINIDUMP_SAVE_PATH environment var to a valid path for Talos runs


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bug 744442 made MINIDUMP_SAVE_PATH work for Talos. I'd like to get this env var set for Talos runs as well now to help track down bug 743123.
ted, what are the values for each OS?
We just need to do the exact same thing we did in bug 544062, but for the Talos runs. It just uses "%(basedir:-)s/minidumps".
Summary: Set MINIDUMP_SAVE_PATH environment var to a valid path for unittest runs → Set MINIDUMP_SAVE_PATH environment var to a valid path for Talos runs
Component: Release Engineering → Release Engineering: Automation (General)
Priority: P2 → --
QA Contact: release → catlee
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Severity: normal → enhancement
Priority: -- → P2
Whiteboard: [talos] → [talos][simple]
Where does minidump live for talos runs? I can't find references to it in the logs.

Also, what will be responsible for cleaning up these dumps?
Minidumps get put in $profile/minidumps, but there's code in Talos now that if this environment variable is set, it will move them there.

In bug 544062, the minidumps got stored somewhere that someone assured me would get cleaned up as a part of the normal slave cleanup process.
No longer blocks: 743123
Blocks: 743123
Depends on: 762233
What's the status on fixing this and bug 743123?  It's extremely important
that developers get either a stackwalk in the log, or the raw crash dump
if we're ever going to fix these intermittent crashes we have.
Product: → Release Engineering
I think this is either fixed already or not necessary now that we have blobber...
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I'm not totally sure. Mihai: do you know if this got set for Talos runs? If not it should be just a matter of setting it like we do for unittests.
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Closed: 6 years ago
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Component: General Automation → General
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