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What happens:
- I focus on the address-entry-field, it doesn't matter how (automatically, Ctrl+l or by mouse)
- When I start typing, the history pops down as expected. I can continue typing
- at the moment I type in the first letter that doesn't match any history-entry, I loose focus onto the field (at least my window-manager tells me that the window itself still is on focus), and I can't continue typing right away.
- Ctrl-l doesn't refocus the input-field, only clicking upon it with the mouse does
- when refocused, I can continue typing normally

- I should be able to continue input straight away.

This behavior is stable and doesn't end until closing Firefox. It only occurs each second or third time I start Firefox (couldn't figure out the exact circumstances, but I will add as soon as I have any more information).
Build-informations are attached.
I'm using Debian-Linux Wheezy (testing) with kernel-version 3.2.0-2-amd64 and fluxbox 1.3.2 as window manager.

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6 years ago
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Information about circumstances when occurred the last time:

I started Thunderbird some seconds before starting Firefox (around 15:32 CEST), and both haven't been in cache anymore. Furthermore I didn't fill my Password into the security software device (just hit cancel).
I tried to reproduce with same startup-sequence some seconds later (now both programs in cache), but couldn't reproduce.

I also figured out, that I am able to gain focus back onto the address-form when hitting <TAB> once after focus got lost.

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4 years ago
I am experience the same - when history is exhausted, the firefox windows loses focus.

Context: using openbox, focus-follows-mouse, and the mouse pointer is not over the firefox window.

When the mouse pointer is over the firefow window, there is no problem. Then again, perhaps that is because the window releases/loses focus but immediately regains it because the mouse pointer is in it. I cannot tell.

Versions: iceweasel-28.0-1 from debian experimental; iceweasel-24.4.0esr-1 from debian testing.

Architecture: amd64.
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