Moving a number of messages causes messages to thread incorrectly



7 years ago
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7 years ago
If I select a number of messages in a folder, and move them back to the Inbox, then the threading in the Inbox almost always gets mucked up, with messages moved appearing on the wrong threads.   

Restarting TB doesn't fix the problem, 

A "Repair Folder" always fixes it - though of course that has other problems like losing the column setup, and having to re-download all the messages. 

I see a somewhat similar bug #292030 which was expired, I don't think its the same, as that refers to messages appearing in the wrong order and I have a vague memory of the algorithm for threading changed at some point in the last 5 years.

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7 years ago
Yes - there is certainly something broken in threading, which shows up in numerous ways. 

What information would be useful to help track this, its easy for me to recreate a badly threaded mailbox, (just move a bunch of messages into the inbox). And it looks like something obvious, not something subtle, i.e. there is no obvious connection between hte messages (subject, sender/recipient etc).
Having a testcase (ie mbox file .msf) would probably help take this forward.

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7 years ago
Can you repeat it based on my suggestion.

* Select a folder with a number of messages - it might help if they themselves are threaded. 

* Select all (or a number) of the messages in that folder

* Drag to inbox. 

For me, always some of those messages get threaded incorrectly.
I've seen something related, and I don't have a better match for now because I don't know how the corruption happened....
* moved thread A (about disk space) from inbox to folder devel1...
* some days later found several message in thread A point to the same message ZZ in a different thread.  And afaik, neither message ZZ nor anything related to it should have ever been in devel1 folder (but visual inspection does show message ZZ is in devel1 folder)
* I did "repair folder" and all is OK now. And, folder devel1 is 50mb smaller.
I have copy of the devel1 folder before and after.

/me wonders if Bug 719752 may be related
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7 years ago
Yes - and I see something I think is related (Bug #782011) where a message appears in the destination mailbox with a header in hte list that is completely unrelated to the message underneath it. 

There is clearly corruption being caused, on a regular basis, but messages being moved between folders. 

(Are you Confirming this bug?)

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7 years ago
Wayne - I think this set of related bugs around Moving  and the set around Delete/Undo e.g. Bug #719752 & Bug #786155) are related
(In reply to Mitra Ardron from comment #7)
> Wayne - I think this set of related bugs around Moving  and the set around
> Delete/Undo e.g. Bug #719752 & Bug #786155) are related

Mitra do you still see the problem?
Has behavior changed in any way?
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5 years ago
I still see plenty of problems with messages getting threading wrong. I haven't noticed this is connected to moving messages any more.
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