Need a reasonable way to trigger builds with clang on Try



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6 years ago
Current we can't seem to be able to push to try server and have a build done with clang. But yet we get people comlaining of breakage with clang.

We need to have a build option to build with clang.
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Rafael has been working on clang for some time, including doing try builds.
Yes, we have clang on the bots. The process for getting them there is very arcane, but doable. Look at

for example.
Heh. So the way to build with clang on Try is

* check to determine the currently installed version and thus the path to it

* iteratively learn what things to disable in the various mozconfigs, like PGO and ccache and maybe warnings as errors depending on how we're doing at the moment

* set CC and CXX
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Summary: Need buildbot using clang → Need a reasonable way to trigger builds with clang on Try
Can we consider this fixed now that we have tooltool?
Truly fixed would be "try: -b do -p a -c clang", but let's charitably say it would be fixed with a not-too-crazy set of instructions in

What would those instructions currently say? Something like:

1. Edit every Linux and Mac mozconfig in the tree, removing --enable-warnings-as-errors, --with-ccache, and PROFILE_GEN_SCRIPT.
2. ??? the tooltool-manifests to ??? based on ???
3. Edit build/macosx/common and build/unix/mozconfig.linux to change CC and CXX to point to clang

Basically, it's exactly like it was in April - "load and keep going backward until you find one that looks like a 'build with clang' push and copy that."
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5 years ago
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Probably fixed at some point? Please re-open if this is still useful.
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