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disable the screen resolution changing on android for jsreftest and crashtest, leave it on for reftest


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the jsreftests and crashtests do not require us to compare canvas images that use 800x1000.  Right now in our sut_tools, we do a blanket resolution change for all reftest harness tests.
when doing this, we would need to add the '--ignore-window-size' argument to the reftest command line arguments.
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simple patch to only adjust/verify resolution for reftest, not crashtest or jsreftest.
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the only other thing needed is to add '--ignore-window-size' to the arguments for jsreftest and crashtest.
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add --ignore-window-size to jsreftest and creashtest

Review of attachment 616961 [details] [diff] [review]:

in general these look like desktop unittests?  Is there a way to get this in the mobile-reftest-mixin?

::: steps/
@@ +341,3 @@
>          elif suite == 'crashtest-ipc':
>              return ['--setpref=browser.tabs.remote=true',
> +                    '--ignore-window-size',

we don't run crashtest-ipc on mobile.

@@ +365,4 @@
>                      'jsreftest/tests/jstests.list']
>          elif suite == 'reftest-sanity':
> +            return ['--ignore-window-size',
> +                    'reftest/tests/layout/reftests/reftest-sanity/reftest.list']

we shouldn't change this.
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my attempt at this.
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add --ignore-window-size to remote jsreftest/crashtest commandline (1.0)

looks good, but what is the piece that is showing just above your patch?
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oh interesting...maybe I am editing the wrong place.  I don't see --ignore-window-size when looking at the logs.  Maybe next week we can decipher this.
Assignee: nobody → jmaher
in both repositories: buildbotcustom and buildbot-configs, I am unable to figure out how we run without the --ignore-window-size.  When I look on tbpl, it indicates that we are not running with that cli flag, but in it looks like we are:

I suspect either of these two options to explain my confusion:
1) I am not looking in the correct repository
2) What is checked in is NOT running on the foopies
catlee pointed out that what matters is not, but - apparently --ignore-window-size got backed out on production in but not on default.
revert the change to the repo to have --ignore-window-size on by default.  Add this option in for jsreftest and crashtests.
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remove global --ignore-window-size and add option for crashtest/jsreftest (1.0)

This looks good. Thanks jmaher.
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Assignee: jmaher → armenzg
jmaher, what should I be looking for?

I have few left jobs running that were run by bad tegras.
I am looking for all green jobs.  

It looks like the jobs are failing for other reasons (mostly the step).  All we need is 1 cycle of green to prove this works.  Preferably with an updated mozilla-central build.
I am re-testing this again together with the sut agent 1.08 upgrade.
I should have results tomorrow morning.
jmaher is going to look at the green jobs in here:
jmaher checked this and I believe he gave clearance to deploy. Can you please confirm?

I would like to deploy this or bug 750744 tomorrow and do the other one on Monday.
I think this one is easier to recover in case anything goes wrong and the other one gives us Tuesday to recover if we need too.
reftest [1] did increase the resolution while jsreftest [2] did not.
These two steps differ in 210 seconds which is 3.5 minutes :)

python /builds/sut_tools/ reftest
connecting to:
reconnecting socket
devroot /mnt/sdcard/tests
results: {'screen': ['X:1024 Y:768']}
current resolution X:1024 Y:768
results: {'os': ['harmony-eng 2.2 FRF91 20110202.102810 test-keys']}
results: {'screen': ['X:1024 Y:768']}
INFO: we have a current resolution of 1024, 768
INFO: adjusting screen resolution to 1600, 1200 and rebooting
DEBUG: gCallbackData is:  on port: 50029
Creating server with
Calling disconnect on callback server
. Got data back from agent: System rebooted

Shutting down server now
System rebooted

Waiting for tegra to come back...
Try 1
reconnecting socket
devroot /mnt/sdcard/tests
results: {'screen': ['X:1600 Y:1200']}
current resolution X:1600 Y:1200
program finished with exit code 0

python /builds/sut_tools/ jsreftest
connecting to:
reconnecting socket
devroot /mnt/sdcard/tests
results: {'screen': ['X:1024 Y:768']}
current resolution X:1024 Y:768
program finished with exit code 0
Whiteboard: [mobile] → [mobile] to be deployed 2012/05/11
Priority: -- → P1
Duplicate of this bug: 737427
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sut_tools - only adjust the resolution for reftest (1.0)
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Comment on attachment 617887 [details] [diff] [review]
remove global --ignore-window-size and add option for crashtest/jsreftest (1.0)
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This is now live.

We might see some jobs fail because I had to clobber the tools checkout on the foopies and restore the symlinks.
Whiteboard: [mobile] to be deployed 2012/05/11 → [mobile] live
Closed: 11 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Armen please confirm this is deployed everywhere, I was checking on foopy23 for an unrelated problem on tegra-266 ( unknown errors) and I noticed that tools/ is outdated here.

I'm not sure if this is one-off or everywhere...

foopy23:~ cltbld$ hg -R /builds/tools in
comparing with
searching for changes
changeset:   2530:513ae0365f85
user:        Aki Sasaki <>
date:        Wed May 09 17:20:00 2012 -0700
summary:     Added tag FENNEC_14_0b1_RELEASE, FENNEC_14_0b1_BUILD2 for changeset c0122cac3804

changeset:   2531:cfe229dff313
tag:         FENNEC_14_0b1_BUILD3
tag:         FENNEC_14_0b1_RELEASE
user:        Ben Hearsum <>
date:        Fri May 11 03:18:25 2012 +0800
summary:     Remove now-dead sjc1 masters from production-masters.json; fix datacentre attribute on
new schedulers. r=catlee

changeset:   2532:77f3f141ad0b
user:        Aki Sasaki <>
date:        Thu May 10 16:28:56 2012 -0700
summary:     Added tag FENNEC_14_0b1_RELEASE, FENNEC_14_0b1_BUILD3 for changeset cfe229dff313

changeset:   2533:18227ad5ca08
user:        John Hopkins <>
date:        Fri May 11 08:48:19 2012 -0400
summary:     Do thunderbird release builds on bm34 (Bug 748157 - Add Thunderbird to production-*.jso
n). r=catlee

changeset:   2534:573d357258bb
user:        John Hopkins <>
date:        Fri May 11 09:36:20 2012 -0400
summary:     Enable bm34. r=bhearsum

changeset:   2535:5b54bae472ab
tag:         THUNDERBIRD_13_0b2_BUILD1
user:        Joel Maher <>
date:        Fri May 11 10:43:03 2012 -0400
summary:     Bug 746260 - disable the screen resolution changing on android for jsreftest and crasht
est, leave it on for reftest. r=bear

changeset:   2536:e3e998673505
tag:         THUNDERBIRD_13_0b2_RELEASE
user:        John Hopkins <>
date:        Fri May 11 12:12:36 2012 -0400
summary:     Added tag THUNDERBIRD_13_0b2_BUILD1 for changeset 5b54bae472ab

changeset:   2537:8475773f8255
user:        John Hopkins <>
date:        Fri May 11 12:12:41 2012 -0400
summary:     Added tag THUNDERBIRD_13_0b2_RELEASE for changeset e3e998673505

changeset:   2538:f258181830f1
user:        Armen Zambrano Gasparnian <>
date:        Fri May 11 12:26:52 2012 -0400
summary:     Bug 754297. add sys.stdout.flush() to sut_tools' scripts. r=bear

changeset:   2539:fdf190203a10
user:        Justin Wood <>
date:        Fri May 11 15:04:59 2012 -0400
summary:     Bug 747641 - tegra-224 problem tracking. rs+=bear

changeset:   2540:c98cc48b759e
tag:         FENNEC_13_0b2_BUILD2
tag:         FENNEC_13_0b2_RELEASE
user:        Justin Wood <>
date:        Fri May 11 16:52:32 2012 -0400
summary:     No Bug - List tegra-172 in Unassigned block of

changeset:   2541:540c331a82b0
tag:         tip
user:        Aki Sasaki <>
date:        Fri May 11 16:05:31 2012 -0700
summary:     Added tag FENNEC_13_0b2_BUILD2, FENNEC_13_0b2_RELEASE for changeset c98cc48b759e

foopy23:~ cltbld$
Resolution: FIXED → ---
This was my bad.
I always thought we only had up to foopy22.
I updated the tools repo and it is updated to the same revision as the others (f258181830f1).

The only other foopy I did not touch/clobber was foopy05 knowing that it was a staging one and you had changes in there. IIRC I let you know this on IRC.
Closed: 11 years ago11 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Product: → Release Engineering
Component: General Automation → General
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