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Perform Security Review for MediaWiki extension SubPageList3



Security Assurance: Review Request
6 years ago
5 years ago


(Reporter: ckoehler, Assigned: mgoodwin)



(Whiteboard: [completed secreview], URL)



6 years ago
== Who is/are the point of contact(s) for this review?

Christie Koehler (ckoehler)

== Please provide a short description of the feature / application (e.g. problem solved, use cases, etc.):

SubPageList3 is a tag extension based on Extension:SubPageList2 for listing subpages of a parent page with critical fixes necessary to meet criteria requirements for use on Wikimedia projects. This is especially helpful on wikis which make extensive use of subpages to organize clusters of related pages (like WikiMo).

== Please provide links to additional information (e.g. feature page, wiki) if available and not yet included in feature description:


== Does this request block another bug? If so, please indicate the bug number

bug 743733

== This review will be scheduled amongst other requested reviews. What is the urgency or needed completion date of this review?

Not urgent; this is a "nice to have."

== Please answer the following few questions: (Note: If you are asked to describe anything, 1-2 sentences shall suffice.)
=== Does this feature or code change affect Firefox, Thunderbird or any product or service the Mozilla ships to end users?


=== Are there any portions of the project that interact with 3rd party services?

Not that I know of.

=== Will your application/service collect user data? If so, please describe 

I don't believe so.

== If you feel something is missing here or you would like to provide other kind of feedback, feel free to do so here (no limits on size):


== Desired Date of review (if known from https://mail.mozilla.com/home/ckoenig@mozilla.com/Security%20Review.html) and whom to invite. 

When you can get to it.
Whiteboard: [pending secreview] → [pending secreview][pending triage:4/25]
Assignee: nobody → mgoodwin
Whiteboard: [pending secreview][pending triage:4/25] → [pending secreview]
Keywords: sec-review-needed
Whiteboard: [pending secreview] → [pending secreview][start mm/dd/yyyy][target mm/dd/yyyy]

Comment 1

5 years ago
Any update on when this might be scheduled?

Comment 2

5 years ago
Yes, I'll take a look at this tomorrow; apologies for losing this one.
Whiteboard: [pending secreview][start mm/dd/yyyy][target mm/dd/yyyy] → [pending secreview][start 24/08/2012][target 24/08/2012]


5 years ago
Whiteboard: [pending secreview][start 24/08/2012][target 24/08/2012] → [in-progress secreview][start 28/08/2012][target 28/08/2012]

Comment 3

5 years ago
SubPageList3, confusingly, is not the currently maintained mediawiki extension for subpage lists; SubPageList is (http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:SubPageList).

I've taken a look at SubPageList - there are no obvious problems (the code looks sane) so I suggest you go ahead with this.
Whiteboard: [in-progress secreview][start 28/08/2012][target 28/08/2012] → [completed secreview]

Comment 4

5 years ago
Excellent, thank you!
Last Resolved: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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