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Once bug 743304 is fixed we'll need to adjust automation so it submits android updates to balrog. In staging it fails right now:

Executing: ['/tools/python-2.6.5/bin/python', '/builds/slave/m-cen-andrd-xul-ntly/tools/scripts/updates/', '--build-properties', 'buildprops_balrog.json', '--api-root', '', '--verbose', '--credentials-file', '']
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/builds/slave/m-cen-andrd-xul-ntly/tools/scripts/updates/", line 36, in <module>
  File "/builds/slave/m-cen-andrd-xul-ntly/tools/lib/python/balrog/client/", line 71, in run
    blob = self.generate_blob()
  File "/builds/slave/m-cen-andrd-xul-ntly/tools/lib/python/balrog/client/", line 54, in generate_blob
    'filesize': props['completeMarSize'],
KeyError: 'completeMarSize'
Priority: -- → P3
Blocks: 583244
We're going to want this for our next milestone.
Blocks: 832454
No longer blocks: 583244
This seems like it's because Mobile builds create snippets through rather than the factory logic, and thus never get the properties set. Sounds like we should get the required properties returned back to Buildbot. In the glorious mozharness future this would probably all be handled within a mozharness script, which would be able to keep track of this sort of information.
Assignee: nobody → bhearsum
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raise properties to buildbot; add android update platforms

This, plus the incoming buildbotcustom patch, gets us raising properties up to buildbot so that the balrog submission script can submit data to the server. We also need add entries to the update platform map, otherwise we end up with platforms like 'android' or 'android-x86'. I didn't bother adding noion because I'm pretty sure that's on the verge of extinction.

With these patches you can use fake URLs to get results, eg:

We still need additional work, probably done elsewhere, before we support the real URL schema that Android users (/update/4/...)

Aki, I figured you were the best person to review the changes. Nick, I think we said yesterday that we could support additional URL schemas without adding new blob formats - am I remembering correctly? I suppose we can still change things later if we decide that it doesn't work.
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factory changes to set properties
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raise properties to buildbot; add android update platforms

Oops, I meant to tag Nick here too.
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in production
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