can't login to /admin even when my new user set to admin



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6 years ago
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6 years ago
used browserid to create a new user on the system
logged in as an existing admin and set the new user to role of Admin
logged out and logged back in with the new admin user
attempted to browse to /admin to view the admin site
asked to log in, but I don't have a password on the system to log in with.

Perhaps either the admin site needs to use browserid, or recognize that this new user is now an admin.

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6 years ago
A Pivotal Tracker story has been created for this Bug:

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6 years ago
Cameron Dawson added a comment in Pivotal Tracker:   
I know the "admin" here is one that's created at the time of setting up the database and creating the default roles.  So is this a different kind of admin than the one you can establish from within MozTrap?

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6 years ago
Carl Meyer added a comment in Pivotal Tracker:   
So access to the Django admin is controlled by the "is_staff" flag on the User, not by which role they have (though which role they have will determine which types of objects they are allowed to edit once they get into the admin, unless the "is_superuser" flag is set in which case they can always do anything).

Obviously this is a bit confusing given that we have an "Admin" role - not sure what ought to be renamed. It's not (easily) possible to change the logic around admin access.
Mass-closing remaining MozTrap bugs as WONTFIX, due to 1) the Mozilla-hosted instance being decommissioned (see, and, for now, 2) the still-up code archived at its GitHub page: (we'll decide what's next for that, in the near future).

See also the history and more-detailed discussion which led us here, at!topic/

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