Bad first-time-user UX due to poor keyboard selection in location bar



7 years ago
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Firefox 10




7 years ago
I bought new Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 at lunch today, and told my guys to get it running, and use it to load our site in Firefox.

A while later, I found that they cannot enter the URL to our web site in the location bar.... this seemed kind of insane, so I tried myself.

We type our site name into the location bar, and there is autocomplete stuff that comes up below it (google search for our site name, etc). There is no enter key on the keyboard, although there is a "Go" button.

Pressing the "Go" button after typing in the URL takes us to an autocompleted URL, not the one we want to go to.  After several minutes of frustration, I asked on IRC and mfinkle provided the right clue:

[16:09]	<mfinkle>	Wes, sounds like your keyboard is set to auto-complete
[16:09]	<mfinkle>	fennec does not do that on it's own

So, I found a tiny keyboard icon, clicked that, and selected "Android Keyboard" instead of "Samsung Keyboard".  This gave me an enter key, and I was now able to enter the URL correctly in the location bar.

This UX is *horrible*, and I am willing to bet that 9 out of 10 users who hit this wall simply close Firefox, insult Mozilla, and load up the Android browser instead.

It should be possible as a first time user to type a URL into the location bar, press enter, and have the site load.
Now, was this Firefox as found currently on Android Market, or a new Nightly off of (

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7 years ago
This was Firefox 10, from the Android Market. I'm not sure I have the ability to run arbitrary binaries on this device (should find out I guess! :) )
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