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Getting symbols from the symbol server for try builds does not appear to be working anymore.  When accessing I get a 403 (as opposed to the expected 404).
The machine behind build.m.o changed in the downtime Wednesday morning, so please retest.
(In reply to Nick Thomas [:nthomas] from comment #1)
> The machine behind build.m.o changed in the downtime Wednesday morning, so
> please retest.

I just tried now, and also get 403 (forbidden).
URLs like are still working for me, both internally and externally, without auth.

The 403 is appropriate - indexes are disabled, so it's forbidden.  The directory exists, so 404 is not expected.

So.. I'm not sure what's wrong here.  Can you give more detail, or close as WORKSFORME?
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Did we lose symbols for builds that are older than Wednesday?  Because I still can't load symbols for my build from Tuesday.
We should have 8 days worth of symbols, because that's the expiration policy and there was a periodic rsync from the old to new machines in place before the switch over.

For your push
the manifest is at
and requests like
also load.

Could you give an example of a request which is failing ? Also, what IP do you get for ?
We figured this out on IRC. The first request in the log is for
which is actually the win32 debug build. We run 'make buildsymbols' for both opt and debug, but only do 'make uploadsymbols' for opt builds.

The question is, what should we do about that ?
I guess for try builds we should just upload symbols from the Windows debug builds. We don't do that for non-try builds because we don't want to have to keep them on the symbol server, but since the try symbol server is separate, it seems like less of an issue.
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